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Aaron Elliott aka Paranormal Man was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Aaron is the lead investigator and founder of Las Vegas Rest in Peace Paranormal and is a member of the International Paranormal Resource Alliance.

 As a former skeptic, Aaron says that his passion for investigating the paranormal resulted from a paranormal encounter at a local cemetery one night with his life long best friend and fellow investigator Corey McNamara. 

Aaron is known, and sometimes criticized for his methods used during investigations; however, he maintains that he respects the paranormal and will try new techniques to discover the truths. 

 Aaron has worked on reality TV series projects, hosted local paranormal workshops, written paranormal courses and conducted hundreds of paranormal investigations for both private residences and businesses. Aaron has been researching the paranormal for over a decade and plans to continue on doing so for as long as he is physically able.

Aaron's life quest is to uncover the mysteries of the paranormal and he will stop at nothing until his mission is accomplished.  

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In 2011 Aaron's group LVRIPP (Las Vegas Rest in Peace Paranormal) hosted a paranormal workshop at the Green Valley Library in Henderson, NV


  1. Aaron thank you for coming into my home and helping me in my darkest hour.
    You are the answer I was looking for.

    I'm truly grateful for everything you've helped me with!


  2. Great guy, really considerate and professional. Aaron didnt make me feel crazy and believed me when no one else did.

    Thank you Aaron!!


  3. When your home is haunted its not like you can pick up the phone and call the police department.
    Aaron was there for my family and I when no one else was. His expertise helped us tremendously and I
    cant thank him enough! THANK YOU Aaron you are a true blessing!

    Phyllis Mathews

  4. Aaron investigated my home about two years ago. At first i was very skeptical but after he and his team came in
    I was immediately put to ease. He's very professional and considerate. Although it was determined that my home wasn't haunted,
    which to me was fine because the idea of sharing a home with casper scare the you know what out me me. Aaron explained in a
    polite and professional way that my home was just old and there were natural explanations for some of the things I thought was a ghost.

  5. Had the pleasure of speaking with Aaron about metaphysics and paranormal subject matter. He really knows his stuff. Although I'm a non-believer he is one of a few who can actually hold an intellectual conversation and argue valid points. Thanks Aaron for the good conversation! Kudos

  6. Aaron are you ever going to get back on twitter? We miss you!! Come back please!

  7. EVP page is awesome! The first one is creepy as hell.

  8. I went to the green valley library back when you had the paranormal workshop and it was amazing! I learned so much and I had such a great time.
    You are a true paranormal expert.

  9. Aaron you are super hot! You can come investigate my place anytime

  10. Thanks again Aaron for all your expertise and help!

  11. Aaron you're an awesome Guy! Thank you for helping me in my darkest hour!

  12. Love the parahauntpost shop! I bought Zombie Virus necklace... Super Cute!!!

  13. really great guy! Super nice and really easy on the eyes. Thanks Aaron!

  14. Looking forward to reading more. A huge paranormal advocate/lover and sensitive, I am always thankful to know there are others out there that are out there to help, not hinder those who are affected.

  15. Aaron has been the one person I could count on for the last 2 years. You proved I wasn't crazy by ongoing investigations in my home. I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge and encouragement you have given me. With your strength I was able to find mine. It has been a rough couple of years, of which I could not have made it without you. You are an awesome person and investigator!!!!!

  16. Such a awesome guy!

  17. Aaron, have you ever heard of any sightings of a young boy standing on the side of hwy 160 ? My boyfriend travels this stretch of rd going to pahrump to work. Approximately 4:30 am he was driving behind a semi just before the fire department,when he saw a little boy with a black jacket on standing next to the white line. He was staring straight across the rd.his arms were to his sides. He never even flinched as the semi passed. First thoughts were,what kind of parent allows there small child to wait for the school bus in the dark on the hwy. Later that day he was telling another associate about it and the man reminded him that it was in fact Saturday!!! Trying everything he could to disprove it, he drove again today really slow in the same spot to see if it was a post or debre....nothing was there!!! Pretty cool, he saw a ghost!!! Just wondering if anyone else has seen the same little boy?? Thanks for your time, Janelle. My email is

    1. Aaron Elliott / ParanormalManJanuary 18, 2015 at 1:00 PM

      I believe I have heard of this little boy. If it's the same boy I'm thinking of he seems to wonder the streets waiting for someone to pick him up.
      My library teacher encountered this little boy when I was in second grade. Her husband picked him up to drive him home. The next morning he realized that the little boy forgot to give back my teachers, husbands jacket he loaned the boy. So I went to the home where he dropped the boy off at and spoke to the boys mother. The mother got very upset and explained her son had been dead for several years. My teachers husband then went to the cemetery where the boy was buried and to hi surprise found the little boys grave. It's wasn't hard since the same jacket he loaned the little boy was resting on the boys tombstone. If you husband comes across this boy again tell him he should try and capture a picture. Thx for the share!

  18. Aaron and his team came to my house and investigated. it was a very good experience. I was a little nervous but he was very professional and put me at ease. The good thing is my house isn't haunted. THANKS AARON!