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The Guardian

Summer Soll is a former singer and band member of the Dusty Sunshine band.

Summer's interest in the paranormal started from a very young age. She always had a genuine curiosity for the unknown. In Summer's adult life she experienced the loss of her fiance who took her own life and left Summer with many questions into life after death. Summer experienced many personal experiences after the passing of her fiance that is unexplainable. 

Summer met Aaron roughly about a year after her tragic loss. The two instantly had a connection where they both felt as if they knew each other. Aside from Summer's firm belief that she is Aaron's guardian who watches over him from harm of the spirit dealings he gets himself into. Summer also has had psychics give her readings with great detail that she is Aaron's love and protector. Summer's connection to Aaron enables her to know when danger is presenting itself to Aaron. She's had visions and dreams where she was forewarned about danger that was coming Aaron's way. Summer also being Aaron's loving girlfriend helps keep Aaron out of trouble and acts as the voice of reason when he sometimes goes to far. 

Summer brings a touch of emotional and spiritual depth to Aaron's investigations. Shes sensitive and receptive to the things that are not always seen with the eyes. As Summer's gifts develop so does her investigating skills. She maintains that shes always open to the vast possibilities of what we don't understand and her goals are to discover the secrets of the universe.