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The Reaper

Rob AKA The Reaper

The Reaper has been through Paranormal his whole life. From a Child to a Father of a Child that has been affected by something that is unexplainable. Since 2007 The Reaper has worked with Aaron to Document the findings of the Paranormal that has been experienced by so many that they have helped and are helping. Not to mention the research and education they both took together. They both have the resources, education and personal experiences to back each other up to accurately confirm to their clients that they are in fact witnessing something out of the normal realm of understanding. The Reaper also has an extensive background in Engineering, which helps in investigating a thought to be active area and to reassure the client that they are witnessing a natural phenomenon rather than an interdimensional entity. Which in turn can comfort the client in knowing that they have nothing to worry about, except for the occasional high EMF readings. Though quiet and reserved, you can be sure that The Reaper is always Ten Steps ahead.

 Reapers Theory 

There is so many theories to Life and the After Life. Have we ever considered that they co-exist together? There is so many unanswered questions that we have in our so-called living life that we need to explore what it all means and what is happening around us. For Every decision we make, what happens to the decisions we don’t make? Are they out there living in an alternate reality somewhere? Or do they truly just get forgotten? It blows the mind to think that the Trillions of living things that can make a decision, there is a reality of what each of us didn’t decide. We… That is an arrogant statement… What gives us the right to say we… If this phenomenon does exist, we (as the ones reading this now), cannot act as we are the superior consciousness, but yet we co-exist with the infinite alternant us.

When we take in account that the Paranormal activities that some of us encounter, it needs to be thought that it is merely only what was the result of the other decisions we did not act on. The reason that these sightings aren’t seen by everyone and all the time is that there is something that creates a rip between one reality to another. What is seen as apparitions, may in fact be a living person that can be viewed at a special place and time by the person or persons in that precise moment and place. Some claim to see loved ones that have passed away years ago. What if that special window is only showing us a decision we didn’t make and that life lives on in a different realm that we do not understand and honestly can’t comprehend. What if UFO’s, Cryptozoology, and other unexplainable entities are the result of this as well?