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Why Choose Aaron?

Why choose Aaron for your paranormal troubles?

Great questions and here's why....  Aaron has been investigating the paranormal for over 15+ years. He has dedicated himself to paranormal research on a scholarly level.

His knowledge ranges from spirit hauntings to cryptozoology and more. He has to date conducted over 100+ private paranormal investigations for both business and residential homes. Aaron has personally researched the Shanghai tunnels in Portland, Or, one of the top 10 most haunted places in America as well as hosted, created and conducted paranormal workshops, classes and courses.

Aaron provides a wide range of professional resources through his extensive network. His resources consist of certified psychologists, psychics, mediums, engineers and of course "professional paranormal investigators.

Aaron is also a member of the paranormal resource alliance with over 150 members internationally and a devoted advocate of the para-psychological association.

In short when it comes to the paranormal Aaron's credentials far out weigh other so called investors. His knowledge and skill set has a proven success rate and his references are available upon request.

If you are going to choose a paranormal investigator Aaron's advice is to always do your research on the individual or group and make a conscious choice as to who you are letting into your home. Today's new fad is the paranormal. While Aaron strongly encourages paranormal enthusiast, he also condemns less experienced investigators taking on investigations that they are not fully equipped for physically, mentally and spiritually.

"The paranormal is the realm of the unknown. We cannot pretend to be experts on that which is unknow other wise it would be known. Take full precaution in any investigation and always be prepared for the worst, but go to battle with God on your side and hope for the best".  ~ Aaron Elliott